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There is a spread of performance across every sales team. A few star performers often exceed their target every year, most of the average performers do enough to not get fired and there is always a minority whose tenure will be limited by their poor performance.

One of the key skills of sales management is identifying how the performance of those in the ‘average’ category can be improved easily and effectively. This involves analysing training needs, discovering what motivates each individual and then coaching and managing them accordingly.

Another key skill is effective recruitment. It is pointless to dispose of the services of a below-target salesperson only to replace him/her with another who similarly fails to make the grade.

In both these areas personal judgements are notoriously flawed and it is all too easy to provide refresher training that has no effect on performance whatsoever and to recruit another also-ran.

To provide an objective assessment of the training needs of existing staff and the performance potential of possible recruits, we use a range of sales-specific psychometric questionnaires backed up by 1:1 interviews, role plays and accompanied visits.

Correlating this multi-faceted data with actual performance helps create personalised training & development plans to which each salesperson fully commits.

Occasionally we conclude the best course of action for all parties concerned is that a replacement salesperson be found. For, not everyone has what it takes to be successful in sales, including many people employed in sales roles.

In this event, we can offer a variety of products and services to help source and screen candidates and subsequently induct them into your organisation. This includes the use of the same psychometrics referred to above either within your established interview process or as part of a custom designed Group Assessment Day.

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