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Psychometric Testing User Training

The advent of high quality computer aided tests and questionnaires has revolutionised the market for tests and testing services. No longer is psychometric testing the exclusive province of those with formal qualifications in psychology or those who have undertaken expensive and long-winded training courses. Psychometric testing is now within the reach of any line manager with good feedback and coaching skills to be able to use them effectively

By pointing out and helping avoid the common pitfalls of test usage, a modicum of training and guidance at the outset pays off handsomely in the long run. To this end, Sales Team Focus Ltd provide short, modular training programmes of typically 1 and 2 days duration tailored to specific client needs. Backed up with ongoing support, these courses focus on the practical rather than theoretical aspects of test implementation & usage and address real world issues surrounding the administration of questionnaires, result interpretation and the provision of feedback.

For organisations, with only an occasional requirement for assessment testing, our bureau scoring service saves time and is highly cost effective. Under this service we provide access to high quality test materials on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis.

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