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Psychometric Recruitment Testing

Psychometric testing is widely used in sales recruitment. However, there are many poor quality tests on the market and only a few that are appropriate for use in the sales arena.

Despite their widespread use, almost all DISC-based personality profiles suffer from a number of shortcomings. The net effect of which is that the results are only loosely correlated to actual sales performance and are of little use in predicting the success or failure of a potential recruit in your team.

And regardless of how accurately personality is measured, it is only one ingredient in the recipe for success in sales. So, to form a robust and rounded assessment of existing ability or future potential requires measurement of both the ‘Can Do’ and ‘Will Do’ dimensions of success.

Whilst the symptoms of an under par performance are all too clear (targets missed, commissions down) the underlying causes are often not at all obvious. When analysing an under-par performance it is critically important to establish if the underlying cause is a ‘Can Do’ or ‘Will Do’ factor.

To undertake this assessment we a battery of three separate questionnaires that, between them, measure 27 distinct skills and qualities covering key aspects of knowledge, sales ability and personality that differentiate order makers from order takers. Collectively, we refer to these three tests as the QIS test battery.

Used within a QIS performance improvement programme, the results of this test battery are supplemented by evidence derived from interviews, role plays and accompanied visits.

Undertaken on your existing team, a QIS programme will tell you which of your salespeople need training and in what areas and how best to manage & motivate each individual. It will also identify those who are simply in the wrong job. For, not everyone has what it takes to be successful in sales, including many people already in sales roles!

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